Who We Are

Evangelical Lutheran Friedens Church is located on the corner of Main and Washington streets in Bernville, Pennsylvania. We are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and belong to the West Berks Mission District of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod.


Friedens is a liturgical church using recently published resources to supplement traditional worship. Our music program offers a variety of expressions. Minister of Music, Charles DeBoeser, with a vocal choir, enhances the service each Sunday.


The Bell Choir, directed by Barbara Sands and Marie Kaminskas, contributes to the service on a monthly basis.


During the summer months Friedens institutes, a special music program. Members from Friedens and the community contribute to the service with vocal or with instrumental music.


Friedens has a variety of activities for children, youth and adults. Some of the activities such as special crafts afternoons or evenings can include all ages.


In keeping with our guiding principles, we share our blessings through volunteering (and collecting for) periodic food drives for nearby food pantries.


The church hosts weekly AA meetings. From September to May we offer free soup and bread lunches to the community on the second Monday of the month. Each month during the summer we offer a free community meal and bingo night. 


Evangelical Lutheran Friedens Church has a long history. Organized in 1730 by John Casper Stoever as the Northkill Parish, the first church was a log building located near the Northkill Creek.


A new building known as the Northkill Church was completed in 1791. The present building was erected in 1897-98.

The first Lutheran Synod in North America was formed in 1748. Frieden is proud to be one of the original Congregations.

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