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Northkill Cemetary

At the rear of the church lies an important piece of regional history. This is the “Old Northkill Cemetery” wherein rest the remains of about 70 settlers in the region. The dates of the graves extend from 1771-1854, and many of the gravestones are inscribed in German.

Contained in the cemetery are the gravesites of 18 Revolutionary War soldiers and three patriots - those who served ancillary roles in the war effort. One of the war veterans, Pvt. Baltzer Umbenhauer, is buried near his son (John Thomas), the latter who was the founder of Bernville.

Several years ago volunteers from the church (Barbara Sands and Lorene Trivets) spent countless hours documenting and verifying the gravesites of those buried there. As a result of their efforts there now exists a detailed record of the locations and names of those interred there. These records are available in the church office for those who may be interested in searching for the final resting place of their ancestors. Further information about the cemetery can be found at

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